Evangelizing One Cup Of Coffee At A Time!

A Little Bit About Us


I started No Ugly Mugs as a means to evangelize the Catholic community.  Many times while searching for Catholic gifts -- and there are a lot of Catholic goodies out there, many good ones -- I could not find any which I really liked, which I felt touched me or moved me about our faith.  I was looking for gifts which taught us about our faith. Plus I have a very intense love of coffee, so coffee mugs were what I searched for the most.  I began to have the idea that Catholic coffee mugs were a great way to spread our faith, to re-engage Catholics.
So I began with the Year In The Catholic Church, a set of twelve mugs with Catholic monthly devotions on them.  From there, I felt moved to begin designing mugs with the varying prayers of the Church, done with a little elegance and simplicity, and I hope I have captured that.
As a convert to the Catholic faith back in 2003, I am still exploring the faith, exploring the many prayers and devotions of the Church, as well as the many saints and holy men and women of the Church.  If I could accomplish anything with these mugs and other products, it would be that people admire the beauty and richness of the faith.