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Crazy Horse Leather Rosary Pouch
Crazy Horse Leather Rosary Pouch

Crazy Horse Leather Rosary Pouch

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Beautiful rich dark brown Crazy Horse leather Rosary Pouch. (Color darkness may be different from photo.)

Crazy Horse leather is made from buffalo hides. The name Crazy Horse leather comes from the fact that this type of leather is a popular leather for saddles. This a matte, antique looking leather. Crazy Horse leather is made by applying a wax to the leather which creates an unique rustic, vintage look which ages beautifully over time. The leather has supple, broken-in feel to it. It looks scratched and worn, subtly distressed. Scratches on the surface, though, can actually be rubbed out.

This heavy duty pouch measures approximately 3 1/4" wide by 3 1/4" high (Some variation in size may occur.) Hand cut, hand stitched using a saddle stitch, this pouch has a smooth, supple feel on the outside and the interior is suede-like to keep your rosary safe and protected. A single brass snap keeps the pouch closed securely. The pouch flap is adorned with ornate, rounded metal corners for a touch of added elegance.

As this is a hand sewn leather product, leather and stitching may have markings -- we do not call them blemishes or imperfections :) -- which makes each pouch a special, one of a kind piece!

This rosary pouch is boxed and will make a great gift for anyone!

***Rosary not included. ***